17 May 2015 - Top 40 Country Tracks of 2014

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Top 40 country tracks of 2014

Roo Arcus (pictured) had the number one hit single in Australia last year according to compilers of the national Country Tracks weekly Top 40 chart with his hit song Out On The Farm.

Roo came in at number one ahead of Doug Bruce at two with Clock Out At Five, Christie Lamb's All She Wrote at three and Sara Storer's Come On Rai at four.

The McClymonts came in at five with Going Under (Didn't Have To) while The Wolfe Brothers' That Kinda Night claimed sixth place and Doug Bruce's Broke Down Heart was at seven.

Adam Harvey's She Don't Know She's Beautiful was number eight, The Dean Perrett/Troy Cassar-Daley duet My Country, My Land was in ninth place and Kaylee Bell's Little Bit Small Town rounded out the top 10.
The listing from 11 to 40...
11 SKINNY FLAT WHITE - Harmony James
12 TATS - McAlister Kemp
13 I'M GOING TO JAIL - 8 Ball Aitken
14 WISH YOU WERE A COWBOY - Christie Lamb
15 FIGHT ME - McAlister Kemp
16 WHO CARES - Catherine Britt
17 IT'S ONLY COUNTRY - Lee Kernaghan
18 DRUNK LAST NIGHT - Eli Young Band
20 REELIN' ONE IN - The Bobkatz
21 WE WERE US - Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
22 HERE'S TO YOU AND I - The McClymonts
23 SWEET ANNIE - Zac Brown Band
24 MAYBE BABY - Amber Joy Poulton
25 FOOLISH THINGS - Amber Joy Poulton
26 JUST DON'T ASK ME HOW I AM - Jasmine Rae
27 THE JACARANDA - Tanya Self
28 FREEDOM REBELS - Adam Brand
29 SCRUB BULL HUNTERS - Graham Rodger
20 I NEED YOU TONIGHT - Dozzi with Drew McAlister
31 BEYOND THESE CITY LIGHTS - Jayne Denham & Shannon Noll
32 BELIEVE - Aleyce Simmonds
33 MANHUNT - Christie Lamb
34 LOVIN' IN THE SUMMERTIME - The Wolfe Brothers
35 SUPERHERO - Amber Lawrence
36 THIS - Kristy Cox
37 BAD BOYS GET ME GOOD - Jasmine Rae & Kellie Pickler
38 TAKE ME TO THE MOUNTAINS - The Davidson Brothers
40 AW NAW - Chris You

The full listing can be viewed at www.countrytrackschart.com.au.


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