25 May 2014

Article taken from The Balladeers Bulletin - July 2014 issue. 

G'day Everyone, 
Well the year so far has been an exciting one for me.
So it has been a case of pulling down the akubra and riding hard.
Once again I had a great time in Tamworth. Thank you so much to everyone who caught up at our own shows and purchased CD’s.
My highlight for Tamworth was to be asked along with my mate Jeff Brown, to sing “The Drovers Boy” in honour of Ted Egan’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Country Music Awards of Australia.  It truly was an honour to be invited to do.
I am also excited to tell you that my new Bush Ballad album “I’M THE LAND” is about to be released.  I am very proud of this collection of songs that I have written and received from other songwriters;  songs about different aspects of bush life and parts of our great country.
A feature for this album is an emotive song “MY COUNTRY, MY LAND” which I wrote and recorded with Troy Cassar-Daley.  This album was co-produced by Larry Marrs & myself.
I have written a lot of the songs on the project, but I am proud to have songs written by Allan Caswell, Ian Quinn, Virginia Coad Hermel and Kedron Taylor.
I am also looking forward to a run of festivals during the remainder of 2014, as well as our own various shows & concerts.
See you on the road and around the ridges!
Kind Seasons
Dean Perrett


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