23 May 2015 - New Single for Dean Perrett

New Single Release:  'Lorraine'

21 May 2015


Three times Country Music Award of Australia winner and leading traditional Australian country music recording Artist Dean Perrett releases his brand new single 'Lorraine' to radio and media today.

'Lorraine' pays tribute to an enduring part of Australian history, Lorraine Station, an iconic cattle property in the Gulf country of North West Queensland. Lorraine Station has continued to remain Australian owned by the same family company for 100 years despite many large properties being bought out by overseas investors.

To obtain the track for radio airplay, please go to http://airit.org.au/airit/Dean-Perrett-Lorraine.html.

The track is also available for purchase in digital format from the Digital Music page of this website. 

In what is a huge leap forward for traditional country music in Australia, Dean has also signed to the newly partnered label WJO / Universal music Australia. 'I certainly am thrilled to now have my music distributed by WJO and Universal Music' Dean said. 'WJO has always given me 100% commitment and service, and the fact they are now working side by side with Universal Music Australia takes the availability of my music to a whole new level. Not since the days of the great Slim Dusty and the legendary Buddy Williams has the Australian Bush Ballad been so readily available to fans of a musical style born off the bush for the enjoyment of all Australians. I am excited by the prospect of many more people enjoying my Australian story songs'.

Dean will re-release all seven albums 'Cattle Town', 'I'm The Land', 'My Bush Heritage', 'New Traditions', 'Return Of The Stockman', 'Shelter Of The Cross' and 'A Thousand Campfires' through WJO / Universal Music Australia on the 3rd July 2015.


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